Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar


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Are you are a parent, grandparent, godparent or a have special young person in your life that you are sharing the wheel with?

…a bit of everyday magic has just the thing! A countdown calendar for Yule.

Inside this kit is a DOUBLE SIDED 24 piece hand cut jigsaw puzzle created from the beautiful artwork of Jody Bergsma. One side shows a Winter Fairy while the other greets the animals of the North. You can choose which side to complete and it is also reusable each year.

Included in the kit are 24 ready to make envelopes to contain each puzzle piece. The envelopes are printed on the inside with tidbits of information about how Winter Solstice is celebrated through a number of different traditions. Here are a couple of samples:

  • To wassail is to sing to the trees, requesting a good harvest next year.
  • In some First Nations cultures, Buffalo stands in the north.
  • Dongzhi, a Winter Solstice tradition in Asia, celebrates family.

In addition there are envelopes that relate to specific days, some that are family events, others bring treats and others connect to celestial events.

  • Somewhere, somehow today there shall be chocolate!
  • A Yule craft today!
  • Full Moon comes, finish something you have left undone.

You will also find 24 stickers to close the folded envelopes. 21 mark the days from December 1st to Winter Solstice and 3 are an extra special treat as they mark the new moon, full moon and a wonderful comet shower that occur during this time period.

You choose when to add the “special days” making life a little less hectic through the holiday season.

Use the jig to quickly fold the envelopes, add a piece of the puzzle, close with a sticker. Once folded there are many ways to present the calendar pieces.

  • Create an indoor clothes line with ribbon and clip the envelopes with clothes pegs to the line.
  • Punch a hole in the envelope corner, add a thin ribbon and decorate a vase of boughs.
  • Add one envelope to the breakfast table each morning with a bowl in the house where the puzzle pieces can be collected.

What better way to start a conversation about the symbols and traditions of Yule?

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