Finishing Touches

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Putting out the “good china”, choosing the “fancy” buns for guests or actually lighting the candles. It’s the last little things that kick up ordinary to a new place. Whether the finishing touches are to your person or to your home, they complete the feeling of having created something special.

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Holle, Winter Solstice Goddess in Wax

These wax ornaments are just the thing to balance all that Holly King/Oak King Energy at Yule.

Holle or Holda is of sturdy stock and brings the Winter. She supports hard work and in Spring as Winter ends, she wakes the apples trees.

Giving of yourself for others in the kitchen or around your home honours the essence of Holle.

These ornaments are made of paraffin with beeswax shoulder scarfs of Holly leaves and berries.



cardinal candles 002

Elemental Candle Making Kits


A fun and easy project for any time of the year that can be done around the kitchen table.

All candle pieces are cut and ready to go. The decorating part is up to you.

Beeswax does not like being frozen or getting too hot. Please bare that in mind when choosing the time of year to purchase.



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Winter Solstice Countdown Calendar Jigsaw Puzzle

They are here Now!

Count down calendar to Winter Solstice.

This unique 21 day double-sided jigsaw puzzle calendar has 1 extra envelope each week that includes three celestial events in the days leading up to Winter Solstice.

Both sides of the puzzle are beautiful pieces of magical winter art by Jody Bergsma.

Included on the inside of each envelope is either a question, activity, or piece of information about winter solstice celebrations from a variety of traditions.

There are eight days that can coordinate with family activities & 16 that are interchangeable.

Create the envelopes by folding around the enclosed  jig. Add the puzzle piece and seal with a date sticker. Hang on a decorative clothes line, with ribbon from a branch or slip into a lunch bag.