In the Kitchen


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It’s the little things that make your hearth your home.

Here you will find a selection of unique kitchen items to warm your spirits, share your world view and make lovely gifts for your discerning friends.


A selection of Kitchen Wands


At the moment My Kitchen Wand and a bit of everyday magic have separate shopping carts.

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In my kitchen 003

In my kitchen filled with Care


Just perfect for a little corner of the window sill or an empty nook on the cookbook shelf. Comes with hook for hanging as well.


 Joanne Harris

Cooking…by Joanne Harris


I loved the movie Chocolat, so when I found out this quote was by the same person, it made it even better! For all you practicing alchemists out there, socially acceptable or not, GO FORTH!





adjusted apple sign

When baking pies from scratch….



To the world at large it is “just” baking but a kitchen witch knows better.

Whether apples remind you of Avalon, Snow White’s nemesis or time around the table with friends and family, an apple pie is always magical.