Cookies Around the Wheel E-Book



Customs begin as a way of giving meaning to the remarkable days of our lives. From an honouring of where in the agrarian cycle that sustains us we are at a specific moment to the birth of a person who’s life is vital to our view of the world, we have gathered to celebrate those times for millennium and where people gather to create occasion, there is food.

Cookies around the Wheel contains recipes that are a symbolic homage to our telling of time via the solar calendar.  From shortbread crosses to honour Brigid, meringues for the returning light to tasty treats that celebrate the harvest through bounty and sacrifice to cookies that mirror Newgrange and celebrate the rising sun on Winter Solstice morning, travel the Wheel of TIme through its cycle with eight tasty stops along the way.CATW Print cover for posting

“Cookies Around the Wheel” is a delightfully magical celebration of the seasons through cookies for every palate and preference!

Stunning photography and detailed recipes printed on heavy, glossy cardstock and spiral-bound prepare this book to endure the inevitable drips and spills of the creative kitchen and ensure it will become a family treasure for generations.

The stories of ancient traditions inspire the baker to add her own memories as well as her personal touch of ingredients and variations.The addition of edible flowers and fruit garnishes, coupled with suggestions for butter substitutes and gluten-free options, make these recipes as timely as they are timeless.

“Cookies Around the Wheel” gives the baker recipes for cookies that are as deeply meaningful as a ritual, and as deliciously joyful as a party!

 Jeanine Lesniak The Crone’s Cupboard, Boise, Idaho


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